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Assorted Platter
The Nippon Fare Assorted Platter is truly the ideal choice for creating wonderful moments with your dear family, close friends, and beloved companions. Through this platter, you can not only relish the aromatic flavors of fresh Japanese cuisine but also indulge in the captivating diversity of dishes. It offers a delightful blend of fresh scents and a wide variety that's perfect for sharing special times.

At an affordable price, this culinary extravaganza of fresh and exquisite dishes awaits you. I invite you to savor every moment of this culinary celebration to your heart's content.


$45 30 PIECES

•Chicken & Cucumber (5 pieces)

• California (5 pieces)

•Vegetarian (5 pieces)  

•Cooked Tuna (5 pieces)

• Prawn Katsu (5 pieces)

•Fresh Tuna or Fresh Salmon (5 pieces)

$60 40 PIECES 

•Chicken & Cucumber (10 pieces)

•California or Cooked Tuna (10 pieces)

•Vegetarian (10 pieces)

•Fresh Tuna or Fresh Salmon (10 pieces)

$75 50 PIECES

•Chicken & Cucumber (10 pieces)

•California (10 pieces)

•Vegetarian (10pieces)

•Prawn Katsu (10 pieces)

•Fresh Tuna or Fresh Salmon (10 pieces) 

$80 30 PIECES+ Finger Food

If you would like to create your own sushi platter or finger food platter, this can also be arranged, customisation fee applies.

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