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About Nippon Fare

Iconic Place…. Legendary Food… Tasty authentic Japanese food only requires one stop. It is none other than the iconic Nippon Fare in the heart of Subiaco. Order Onegaishimasu! This is what you will hear when Nippon Fare’s dedicated crew relays your orders to their chefs in the kitchen who prepares your meal described with three words; quick, precise… perfection!


With delightful experiences and quality meals being their mission, Nippon Fare is a hidden gem beloved by the Subiaco community where they were voted Perth’s best sushi by 94.5fm online poll. They are also featured in the West Australian with a recent article naming Nippon Fare as one of the top two sushi providers in Perth. From home-brewed sauces to hand-rolled sushi, this legendary restaurant has been busy serving food that they are proud of for the past 30 years using authentic recipes perfected over the years with Shikoku and Osaka as its roots. Dishing out over 40,000 teriyaki dishes every year, the home-brewed teriyaki sauce is a proven hit with the locals. Keeping true to its roots does not stop Nippon Fare’s from dishing out creative dishes such as Spicy Don and Sukiyaki Don which is a must-try! For those who loves eating healthy, you must not miss the salad varieties which are topped with their home-brewed salad dressing.

Nippon Fare truly cares for their customers which is why they ensure that only the highest-grade ingredients are used such as salmon found in their sushi, sashimi and poke bowls. So, why pay 5-star prices when you can enjoy quality, handmade Japanese food right on your doorstep? Get ready to have the positive vibe from this legendary place rubbed off to you at Nippon Fare!

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